Preparations are made to found and start the International Academy for Humanistic Photography. Based on the philosophy that the quality of photography is decided bythe characteristics of the personality of the photographer. The International Academy for Humanistic Photography will be a context in which a photographer will work on the evolution of the own personality related to his or her photography.


In 2018 there will be a new chapter made in the documentation about the life of the woman called Henny. Until now she has been photographed as of the age of 16 in 6 photo-books. The 7th photo-book will cover 43 years of her life.


After completing the successfull photo project "The man in the heart of America", about the man who lives the closest to the geographical center of the USA, the idea was born to perform this concept also in the European Union. To document the person that lives the closest to the geographical center of his or her European Union country. The intention is to present the results of these 28 persons in different ways (website, book, exhibitions, etc) to create more social cohesion, deeper common understanding and harmony between the Europeans.

There is now communication with Mrs. Sophie in 't Veld, member of the European Parliament, to research which European office could adopt this project.


From 1970 until 1986 I have been making sequences. As of February 2016 I have started to make sequences once more. Initially by creating new ideas for sequences and making sketches of them. Performing the new sequences is again at El Triple in Mexico, the deserted beach at the Pacific Ocean where in the past many of the sequences were made.


Are you fascinated by above projects and would you like to get involved ? As an intern, producer, researcher, etc?

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