Text in English by: Henny Arendse and Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski

Design by: Debbie Saul

Publisher: In De Knipscheer Publishers, Haarlem, the Netherlands

ISBN-number: 90-6265-527-0


The photobook “Henny Zelf” (Henny herself) is the fifth book in a series covering her life during 24 years. It started in 1977 with the photobook “Neem nou Henny. Zomaar een werkende jongere” (Take Henny. a young worker at random); a book about 16 year old Henny who was packing biscuits in a factory. The way her life developed gave reasons to publish each 5 to 6 years a new photobook: in 1983 “Henny, een vrouw” (Henny, a woman), in 1988 “Henny, 10 jaar uit haar leven” (Henny, 10 years of her life) and in 1993 “Henny, een nieuw leven” (Henny, a new life).

In this fifth photobook “Henny Zelf” she is explaining what has been really going on in her life. It is only now that she is able to speak freely about her incest experiences, about her alcoholic father who died dramatically, about what it means to her to have ADHD (hyperactivity syndrome) and to have to take the medicine Ritalin and how she deals with the fact that all her six children are physically/mentally disabled.

How to purchase:

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