michel szulc krzyzanowski

 conceptual photography


( updated until February 2024)

In February 2024 a hardcover photobook will be published titled 

“3D Sequences” with over 100 pages of 3D sequences made in 2021 till 2023.


It includes an introduction text by Baudoin Lebon, prominent gallerist from Paris, and an essay by neuroscientist Professor Clayton Dickson from the University of Alberta, Canada, about the link between science and art. 

This book is published in 4 versions: in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Ordering indicating language through: 3d-sequences-the-book@szulc.info


Early December 2023 Photolab Kiekie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, printed for the 3rd time this year a series of 14 new 3-dimensional sequences on Hahnemühle Pearl museum quality photo paper. The large prints were as usual shipped to Galerie Baudoin Lebon in Paris, France.


In August 2023 a new development with the 3-dimensional sequences. Until then the images were printed and mounted separate from each other, often overlapping, on a background in a wooden frame. This still happens but now each 3-dimensional image is also made as a pseudo-3-dimensional image by using Pixelmator Pro’s shadows resulting in a 2 dimensional museum quality print looking like a 3-dimensional image.


On June 1, 2023 the book “Dutch Photo Publications 1918 - 1980” by Manfred Heiting was published by Stadt Verlag. Included is my photobook “Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski” by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


In May and June 2023 a new series of 3-dimensional sequences has been produced. They will be build by a specialized company called Profilex in Amsterdam in July 2023. These new works will be available as of September 2023 from Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Paris, France.


On May 8, 2023, all of the 150 students of the “Fotoacademie” in Amsterdam, one of the most reputed photography academies in the Netherlands, have been donated one of my photobooks. To promote their motivations, inspirations and ambitions.


My photography is represented since 1999 by Galerie Baudoin Lebon in Paris, France.

In 2019, the Sandvoort Gallery, Amsterdam, acquired the rights to represent my photography in the Netherlands.

However, a reorganization was implemented in March 2023. The worldwide representation of my photography, including in the Netherlands, is now exclusively provided by Galerie Baudoin Lebon.


One man show of Vista images, vintage sequences and new 3D sequences in

"Centre d'Arts Contemporains La Chapelle", Clairefontaine, France. (Near Paris)

From 18 February until 7 May 2023.


In Spring 2023 every student of the photography department of the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam and every student of the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam inthe Netherlands, received as a gift for motivation and inspiration one of my photobooks. In total over 300 photobooks with a value of € 15.000