In Canada an image was created with the purpose to serve in the worldwide campaign to create more awareness about climate change. Concept was created during a period spent in a spiritual commune and image made in British Columbia, Canada. Design of the final result was made by Brenda de Vries, Amsterdam, Holland. This image is made available without copyrights, therefore free of charge, by anybody creating more awareness about climate change.


In april 2015 the photoproject "The Extraterrestrial Highway" was performed in Nevada, USA.

Starting point for this photoproject was to try to discover what would happen if a most important criteria to make a picture, the place that is chosen from where a picture is made, is being eliminated. A new approach to not decide anymore as a photographer from where to make the picture. To invite with this new strategy coincidence, luck and magic to dominantly manifest itself in the image. For this photographic experiment the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada was chosen to be the location. This lonely and mysterious road, next to Area 52 (the ultrasecret Tonopah test range of the US airfoce), is famous because of the many sightings there of aliens and UFO's. My concept was to travel the Extraterrestrial Highway to stop exactly every 5 miles to make precisely there a picture. It has become a series of 22 extraordinary images: the Extraterrestrial Highway is 110 miles long...

You can see "The Extraterrestrial Highway" by clicking here.


In June 2015 the photoproject "The man in the heart of America" was performed in South Dakota, USA.

Somewhere, far away in the deserted hills of South Dakota is the official geographical center of the USA. I was intrigued to learn who is the man that lives the closest to this geographical center of his country. The man is Dan Conner who lives and works with his wife Cindy on a small ranch isolated and far from the nearest town of Belle Fourche. During two weeks I documented the life of Dan Conner.

On August 10, 2015 a selection of the images from "The man in the heart of America" was published in the national newspaper "De Volkskrant" in the Netherlands.

You can see "The man in the heart of America" by clicking here.

It is also possible to receive the photoprojects "The Extraterrestrial Highway" and "The man in the heart of America" as PDF-documents by internet.

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