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What The World Has Never Seen

"What the world has never seen" is a worldwide photoproject that was started
in August 2011. In 8 countries on 5 continents together with a team of producers,
we look for and find persons that show what nobody has ever seen before.
It concerns the cities of New York, Moscow, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Amsterdam,
Kampala, Buenos Aires and Soppong in Thailand. What the participants show
is documented in text and image. "What the world has never seen" is about
privacy and intimacy.
The project wants to initiate a public discussion about these issues and
about the way they are changing. This is why the results of
"What the world has never seen", the images and texts documenting the persons
that show what nobody has seen, are not made public. Nobody will know
except a small group of people.
These are the ones who donate to the project and depending of the amount
either can see a selection of the results on a password protected page of the website
of the project, or either can visit an exhibtion of the project on a secret location
needing a key to open the door of the exhibition space, or either receive
the photo book in which the results. This photo book is made in a limited edition
of 200 copies and is equipped with a padlock: one needs the key to open the photo book.

Photobook designed by Derk Bettonviel, (www.zonderboter.nl)


To purchase this unique photobook, contact press@whattheworldhasneverseen.com




Besides visiting and working in the 8 locations, the WTWHNS-team involves
to present this unique project in the social media and in the press.
Also we give lectures and presentations of the project at Universities and schools of photography.



Publication on the Wall Street Journal website.




Publication on the website of GUP.




Presentation of WTWHNS with senior producer Vanya Pieters at "Donkere Kamer #9" in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.




Lecture in the Club Cultural Matienzo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.




Interview with Aylin Unal for the Turkish newspaper Birgün Gazetesi


Lecture for the Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey.




With producer Anatoly Melnikow in the Moscow office.




Story about WTWHNS in Dutch newspaper BN/De Stem.


Website of "What the world has never seen" at www.whattheworldhasneverseen.com



"What the world has never seen" on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WhatTheWorldHasNeverSeen



The WTWHNS blog on http://whattheworldhasneverseen.wordpress.com/