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Interview for the Czech magazin "Cilichili" about the photo project "The most beautiful people in the world" published in April 2010.

The most important question to start with: how people perceive or understand the word Beauty? Do they prefer physical beauty or the human  beauty of personality. Does is have something to do with age, occupation, social status, culture or the country of their origin?

The way the project was set up was to put announcements in newspapers asking people to respond in case they had the opinion they were the most beautiful in the world.
Therefore, it was completely free to the people to have their own interpretation how to perceive beauty.
Next, it was very remarkable that a majority of the people that responded to the announcements saw beauty as a condition of the heart.
Only a tiny minority saw beauty  as something purely physical.
This was worldwide and with respondents of all ages, gender, occupation, etc.

People in your pictures look positive, mostly they are smiling just like they had no problems. Is this staged for the photographer, a game, or do they really enjoy their life because they feel beautiful?

This was absolutely not staged. Most participants who believed they were the most beautiful in the world were visited in their homes.
And in general I spend at least half a day with them.
To establish a relationship.
From this situation the pictures were made.
The people therefore were relaxed and comfortable.
And they felt very much recognized, respected and appreciated by me.
This made the people pose in a relaxed way and made them present themselves as they really are.

Do you have more women or men participating in the project? Is this a mixture of different people or does it tend to be a universal sample of people no matter of their nationality or place where they live?

In total worldwide over 120 persons have been visited and documented.
The balance between men and women is about equal.
The series contains people of all ages and all incomes.
And remember: the people in this project decided themselves to participate.
They were not selected.

Has the work on this project somehow influenced your life or your life attitude? Has anything surprised you?

It has highly influenced my life.
It made me understand what is pragmatism.
To chose always anywhere anyhow for the positive aspects of life.
And how that choice results in a more happy life.

Surprising was that people living in circumstances you would expect them not to be very happy, were in fact very content and were feeling beautiful.
Like people in the slums of Mumbai, India and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

After meeting all the people from various parts of the planet, how would you define beauty?

It can be a subjective assessment of someone’s physical presentation.
But in my opinion the beauty that matters is coming from the heart.
With warmth, harmony and peace.

Is there any universal recipe how to become a beautiful person?

As the creator, initiator and performer of this project and after having been to 10 countries documenting over 120 beautiful persons, I have no pretension to claim expertise on how to become a beautiful person.
In the end, doing this project was simply being a transmitter.
Receiving beautiful people and presenting them to all the others.

Nevertheless, it has been noticed that persons that are saying they are the most beautiful, are very pragmatic, optimistic and clever.
They found out that by having a positive attitude, life becomes more easy and happy.

Please tell us some funny and/or rough story from photographing beauty.

In a small village in the Islamic Republic of Iran I met a woman.
She lived on a simple farm.
Yes, she said, she was the most beautiful person in the world.
How come, I asked her.
I am the most beautiful when I hear the sound of the small river in front of my house, she replied.
This was a stunning answer because I never realized someone can feel the most beautiful only by hearing the sound of a river.
And then to find this woman and her mind-blowing explanation in a country like Iran !